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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Child Custody Tips - 007 Detectives Private Investigators India

Getting a divorce is not an easy thing to do and if there is child custody involved then the divorce case might get dragged into litigation for a long time. Child go through the worst effects of divorce and it can have a long lasting effect on the budding mind of the children . In order to avoid this, you need to take the best possible step so that your children can have a better future. While granting the child custody to any of the spouse, the court takes a decision keeping the best interest of the child in reference. If children is an infant then maximum times the child custody is granted to the mother than to father. The reason behind this is that a mother is the best suited for the upbringing of the child than the father.While going for the child custody, you first need to understand child custody and what all involves in it. Given below are the types of child custody that a court grants.

Joint legal custody:- Ask your advocate about tips for child custody. You will find that the joint legal custody is the best custody plan for the upbringing of the child. In this type of custody, both the parents are granted full rights and responsibilities of the child. They both cover the basic areas of child upbringing. But you need to work out a plan with your spouse about keeping personal ego aside and working in the best interest of the child.
Solo legal custody:- In this type of custody, all the legal rights and responsibilities of the child are given to one parent . The other parent only gets the visitation rights to meet the children.

Solo physical custody:- In this type of child custody, the child gets to live with just one parent and not with the other parent. The non custodial parent might get the child visitation rights but this is also granted keeping the best interest of the children in loop by the court.

Joint physical custody:- In this type of child custody, both the parents get the joint physical custody of the child. Both the parents can be with children on a daily basis or if not daily then on equal basis. In simple terms joint physical custody is like the children stay in the same family but only the parents rotate.

Most of the divorcing parties opt for a joint legal custody of the children for the best upbringing of the child. If your case is dragged into litigation for child custody, make sure that you have all the updated information about the life partner and child custody laws.

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